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About Us

TOMTTI is both Quantum-Touch and Reiki practices that focuses on providing alternative medicine to help people manage their physical, emotional and mental health. Our goal is to help people find clarity and peace of mind, and to bring balance back into their lives. Our team of experts provide personalized, evidence-based treatments to help clients reach their desired outcome.

We also specialize in project management, advising and supporting clients in achieving their goals. Whether you’re looking for a holistic approach to healing or assistance with managing projects, TOMTTI is here to help.


TOMTTI 既是量子共振(觸療)療法又是靈氣療法,專注於提供替代療癒來幫助人們管理身體、情感和心理健康。我們的目標是幫助人們找到清晰和平靜的心態,並讓他們的生活恢復平衡。我們的專家團隊提供個人化的、基於證據的療癒方式,幫助客戶達到他們想要的結果。

我們還專注於項目管理,為客戶實現目標提供建議和支持。無論您是在尋求整體療癒方法還是尋求管理項目的幫助,TOMTTI 都能為您提供幫助。

Our Story

TOMTTI offers Quantum-Touch and Reiki healing services with a unique approach to energy healing. Our goal is to help our clients attain a more balanced, harmonious life. We believe in the power of Quantum-Touch and Reiki and the ability to transform one’s life.

We believe that each person's energy is unique and that each session should be tailored to their individual needs. Our team of experienced practitioners are passionate about helping our clients on their journey to a healthier, more balanced life. We invite you to explore our story and see how we can help you.


TOMTTI 通過獨特的能量療癒方法提供量子共振(觸療)和靈氣療癒服務。我們的目標是幫助客戶獲得更加平衡、和諧的生活。我們相信量子共振(觸療)和靈氣的力量以及改變一個人生活的能力。


Meet The Team

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