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Copyright Policy

The TOMTTI Trademark and Copyright Policy was created with a balanced consciousness-based and business-based perspective. It is the highest desire of TOMTTI Ltd. that all individuals will meet with TOMTTI in a circle of integrity with respect to the trademark and copyright of the TOMTTI name, logo, programs, products, workshops, trainings, books, and materials.

TOMTTI is trademarked in the United Kingdom and one or more other countries by TOMTTI Ltd. All rights not expressly granted are reserved. You may not use the TOMTTI name as part of a business name, website domain name, on printed materials, or any other usage without the express written consent of TOMTTI Ltd..

Unless otherwise noted, all materials produced by TOMTTI Ltd., including website content, TOMTTI logo, workshops, trainings, books, and products are copyrighted. You may not reproduce, redistribute or otherwise use any materials without the express written consent of TOMTTI Ltd.. Also, you must obtain written consent of TOMTTI Ltd. to use the TOMTTI name and/or logo on products/merchandise.

All usage of the TOMTTI name/logo/website content is required to include a reference to TOMTTI Ltd.. The reference will include a link to the TOMTTI Ltd. website at It is optional to include the phone number, +44 (0)7300 577988.

Please contact TOMTTI Ltd. at for permission to use the TOMTTI name/logo/website content.


TOMTTI 商標和版權政策是在基於意識和商業的平衡視角下制定的。 TOMTTI Ltd. 的最高願望是所有個人都能在誠信的環境中與 TOMTTI 會面,並尊重 TOMTTI 名稱、徽標、程序、產品、研討會、培訓、書籍和材料的商標和版權。

TOMTTI 是 TOMTTI Ltd 在英國和一個或多個其他國家的商標。保留未明確授予的所有權利。未經 TOMTTI Ltd. 明確書面同意,您不得將 TOMTTI 名稱用作企業名稱、網站域名、印刷材料或任何其他用途的一部分。

除非另有說明,TOMTTI Ltd. 製作的所有材料(包括網站內容、TOMTTI 徽標、研討會、培訓、書籍和產品)均受版權保護。未經 TOMTTI Ltd. 明確書面同意,您不得複制、重新分發或以其他方式使用任何材料。此外,您必須獲得 TOMTTI Ltd. 的書面同意才能在產品/商品上使用 TOMTTI 名稱和/或徽標。

所有對 TOMTTI 名稱/徽標/網站內容的使用都必須包含對 TOMTTI Ltd. 的引用。該引用將包含 TOMTTI Ltd. 網站 的鏈接。可以選擇添加電話號碼 +44 (0)7300 577988。

請通過 聯繫 TOMTTI Ltd. 以獲得使用 TOMTTI 名稱/徽標/網站內容的許可。

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