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About Us

TOMTTI offers Quantum-Touch and Reiki healing services with a unique approach to energy healing that focuses on providing alternative medicine to help people manage their physical, mental,  emotional and spiritual health. Our goal is to help people find clarity and peace of mind, and to bring balance back into their lives. We believe in the power of Quantum-Touch and Reiki and the ability to transform one’s life. We believe that each person is unique and that each session should be tailored to their individual needs. Our team of experienced practitioners provide personalized, evidence-based treatments to help people reach their desired outcome.

We also specialize in project management, advising and supporting clients in achieving their goals. Whether you’re looking for a holistic approach to healing or assistance with managing projects, TOMTTI is here to help.


TOMTTI 通過獨特的能量療癒方法提供量子共振(觸療)和靈氣療癒服務,專注於提供另類療法來幫助人們管理身體、精神、情緒和靈性健康。我們的目標是幫助人們找到清晰和平靜的心態,並讓他們的生活恢復平衡。我們相信量子共振(觸療)和靈氣的力量以及改變一個人生活的能力。我們相信每個人都是獨一無二的,每次療程都應根據他們的個人需求量身定制。我們經驗豐富的執業師團隊提供個人化、循證的療癒,幫助人們達到他們想要的結果。。

我們還專注於項目管理,為客戶實現目標提供建議和支持。無論您是在尋求整體療癒方法還是尋求項目管理的幫助,TOMTTI 都能為您提供幫助。

Our Story

My name is Frank Tang and the founder of TOMTTI. I have been engaged in IT project management for decades, mainly responsible for the implementation and integration of information systems. I was also a long-distance runner and participated in different marathons (Sub 3:30). In terms of things related to healing the body, mind, and spirit, there is actually no chance of contact. In 2021, I suffered from gout, which allowed me to truly experience the impact of long-term pain on my life. When I had no solution and entered the bottom of my life, God cleverly arranged for me to contact and learn the knowledge and technology of Quantum-Touch (Quantum-Touch, QT). On the one hand, it made me realize the power and effectiveness of QT and love in healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and removed my psychological fear of gout and recovered my health. On the other hand, it also made me pay more attention to the physical condition of my family, friends and people in need around me. Therefore, using QT can help them reduce the impact of pain on their daily life, allowing them to show their smile again. God then arranged for me to learn Reiki to initiate and carry out my mission.


我叫 Frank Tang,TOMTTI 的創辦人。本人從事資訊科技項目管理數十年,主要負責電腦系統實施和整合的工作。亦曾經是一個長跑愛好者,參與不同的馬拉松比賽 (Sub 3:30)。本身和癒療身、心、靈相關的事情上,其實沒有半點接觸的機會。2021年,我患了痛風症,從而使我真實體驗長期痛症對於生活的影響。在我苦無對策和走進了人生谷底的情況之下,上天巧妙地安排我接觸和學習到量子共振 (Quantum-Touch, QT) 的智識和技術。一方面令我體會到QT和愛對於療癒身體、精神、情緒和靈性的力量和效用,消除我對痛風症的心理恐懼和恢復我的健康。另一方面亦令我增加對家人、朋友和身邊有需要的人仕的身體狀況的關注。從而使用QT令他們減少因痛症而影響他們的日常生活,令他們從新展現他們的笑容。之後上天再安排我學習靈氣來啟動和執行我的使命。

Our Vision

TOMTTI promotes and teaches different energy healing methods to people so that they can use energy healing methods to protect the health of their families.


TOMTTI 向人們推廣和教授不同的能量療癒方法,令他們能夠運用能量療癒方法守護他們家人的健康。

Our Mission

TOMTTI hopes that by giving people the opportunity for energy healing, it will not only heal their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, but also promote different energy healing methods to them and their families, allowing them to learn and use one of the energy healing methods to achieve the ultimate goal of protecting the health of their families.


TOMTTI 希望透過給予人們能量療癒的機會,不僅能療癒他們的身體、精神、情緒和靈性上的問題,還能向他們和其家人推廣不同的能量療癒方法,讓他們學習並使用其中一種能量療癒方法,以達致守護他們家人健康的最終目標。

Meet The Team

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