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Exclusive Services

TOMTTI is an experienced provider, providing wellness services for both humans and animals, as well as crystal cleansing services. TOMTTI also offers project management services in the IT industry, specifically for Hong Kong IT partners.


TOMTTI 是一間經驗豐富的提供商,為人類和動物提供健康服務以及水晶淨化服務。 TOMTTI 還專門為香港 IT 合作夥伴提供 IT 行業的項目管理服務。

Wellness Services / Workshops / Training Activities for Human Health

We offer Quantum-Touch and Reiki, alternative healing services that work on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual. Our services provide a holistic, healing experience to help you reach your goals, and we offer in-person healing sessions* as well as distant healing sessions**, so you can receive the healing energy no matter where you are. In addition to our services, we also provide training and workshops, so you can learn more about how to use energy healing for yourself and others.

- There is a membership grade with discount rate and free membership benefits right for you to reduce the impact of healing on your living expenses. For details, please refer to Price List.

人類健康服務 / 工作坊 / 培訓活動

我們提供量子共振(觸療)和靈氣等,另類療癒服務以針對個人的身體、精神、情緒和靈性方面發揮作用。我們的服務提供全面的療癒體驗,幫助您實現目標,並且我們提供親身療癒方式* 以及遙距療癒方式**,因此無論您身在何處,都可以獲得療癒能量。除了我們的服務之外,我們還提供培訓和工作坊,以便您可以了解更多有關如何為自己和他人使用能量療癒的信息。

- 有適合您的會員等級、折扣率和免費會員福利,以減少療癒對您生活開支的影響。詳情請參閱價目表。​


Wellness Services for Animal Health

We offer Quantum-Touch and Reiki, alternative healing services to help animals reach optimal health and wellness. Our holistic healing services provide a calming and restorative experience, and we offer in-person healing sessions* as well as distant healing sessions** so that all animals can benefit from the healing energy no matter where they are. Let us help you and your pet on the journey to wellness.


- There is an animal wellness plan with discount rate and free benefits. For details, please refer to Price List.


我們提供量子共振(觸療)和靈氣等,另類療癒服務幫助動物達到最佳健康狀態。我們的整體療癒服務提供平靜和恢復的體驗,我們提供親身療癒方式* 以及遙距療癒方式**,以便所有動物無論身在何處都可以從療癒能量中受益。讓我們幫助您和您的寵物踏上健康之旅。​

- 有動物健康計劃,提供折扣率和免費福利。詳情請參閱價目表


Crystal Cleansing Services

Our Reiki service offers a unique crystal cleansing experience, and offer in-person cleansing sessions* as well as distant cleansing sessions**. This process helps to restore your crystals to their original, powerful state and fill them with positive energy. Our crystal cleansing service ensures that your crystals will be attuned with the positive energy needed to support your goals and intentions.


我們的靈氣服務提供獨特的水晶淨化體驗和提供親身淨化方式* 以及遙距淨化方式**。​這個過程有助於將您的水晶恢復到原始、強大的狀態,並使其充滿正能量。我們的水晶淨化服務可確保您的水晶與支持您的目標和意圖所需的正能量相協調。​


Consulting and Professional Services of Project Management in IT Industry

Our project management service offers comprehensive consulting and professional services to the IT industry. With our certified project manager, we can help you plan, manage, and execute projects from start to finish in a timely and effective manner. Our team of experienced professional will ensure that your projects are completed with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency.

- Only for existing Hong Kong IT partners until further notice.

IT 行業項目管理諮詢和專業服務

我們的項目管理服務為 IT 行業提供全面的諮詢和專業服務。憑藉我們經過認證的項目經理,我們可以幫助您及時有效地從頭到尾規劃、管理和執行項目。我們經驗豐富的專業團隊將確保您的項目以最高的準確性和效率完成。

- 僅適用於現有的香港 IT 合作夥伴,直至另行通知。

* In-person healing session outside Eastbourne will incur a petrol charge with extra service cost. The mileage rate is 45 pence per mile. If the total of traveling time from / to your place is more than 1 hour, distant healing session is highly recommended except for special circumstances.​

伊斯特本以外的親身療癒方式將收取汽油費和額外服務費。里程費率為每英里 45 便士。如果往返您所在地的總旅行時間超過 1 小時,強烈建議您參加遙距療癒方式,特殊情況除外。

** Distant healing session has no time or location restrictions and can be performed at any time and anywhere.

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